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Posted: Sat 7th of May, 2016


Wading through the thick heat of the air amongst all of the different colours and sounds could sound like a nightmare, but I genuinely love it. We arrived into Tonsai Bay by ferry and just couldn’t believe the heat we stepped into. Little Thai guys from different resorts were scurrying around with sun umbrellas and sign posts, welcoming longboats in and waving others off. We found an area by a bin which had a little shade on the floor, and sat in it. The long boat to the resort was so nice and when we arrived at Koh Phi Phi Village Resort, we thought we’d landed in heaven; a tropic paradise beach resort with palm trees, crystal clear water, sand and the most amazing piña colada mocktail on arrival. There we stayed in a beach facing little log cabin hut villa thing, stun stun. The little island we were on was really quite remote compared to Tonsai bay however the resort had 3-4 restaurants and there where a handful of little bars along the road.. There, in a small bar, we met Chart, who happened to run boat trips (and be the sweetest guy on earth)… Two days later we were on his boat trip with a group of friends we’d met along the way. The trip was snorkelling with turtles, chilling on “The Beach” (Maya beach, Palong bay, Lohsamh, Pileh lagoon, Lunch beach, Viking cave, Monkey beach on which I was nearly eaten alive by monkeys,Tonsai Bay and Shark point) loved the whole trip! Unfortunately we weren’t in Koh phi phi for long so headed back to Phuket the following day. In Phuket we stayed by Patong beach. The holiday inn was very smart, stunning hotel with gorgeous interior and water features and the room was just stunning, a sort of open glass layout that could see through straight from the bathroom right through to the sea… When in Thailand, as the sun sets, it is well known that being as notoriously famous as it is for nightlife, you are bound to see some sights. Bangla road really came to life in the hours of darkness, roads closed to vehical traffic and the main strip became a 400 meter festival of neon lights, loud music, cheap beer, and underwear parading girls. Almost all of the bars are outdoors, so the music from each one blends into a deafening mess of sound, but interesting to take in nonetheless. There were an array of street performers, bar promoters and ping pong show touts. The show was entertaining and definitely got the crowd going however it was probably one of if not the most degrading, demoralising, sad, infected things I’ve ever seen. Ew… Two turtles and six fish? No… Just…. No.

Anyway thailand as a whole…. YES but my favourite place ever must be Koh Phangan, without a shadow of a doubt….


Posted: Thu 28th of January, 2016

teal-deer: Ok this is the only 9-11 related thing I will post...


Ok this is the only 9-11 related thing I will post

Good dog

Posted: Wed 7th of October, 2015

p-i-r-a-d-o: x



Posted: Wed 7th of October, 2015


Posted: Wed 7th of October, 2015

"Deep listening is a wonderful practice. If you can listen for thirty minutes with compassion, you..."

“Deep listening is a wonderful practice. If you can listen for thirty minutes with compassion, you can help the other person suffer much less. If you don’t practice mindfulness of compassion, you can’t listen long. Mindfulness of compassion means you listen with only one intention—to help the other person suffer less. Your intention may be sincere, but if you haven’t first practiced listening to yourself, and you don’t practice mindfulness of compassion, you may rather quickly lose your ability to listen. The other person may say things that are full of wrong perceptions, bitterness, accusation, and blaming. If we don’t practice mindfulness, their words will set off irritation, judgment, and anger in us, and we will lose our capacity to listen compassionately. When irritation or anger arises, we lose our capacity to listen. That’s why we have to practice, so that during the whole time of listening, compassion can remain in our hearts. If we can keep our compassion alive, the seeds of anger and judgment in our hearts will not be watered and spring up. We have to train ourselves first so we’re able to listen to the other person.” - Thich Nhat Hanh, in “The Art of Communicating” (via gozashtehayedoor) Posted: Wed 7th of October, 2015


Posted: Tue 15th of September, 2015

India take 2

Back back im baaaack…. And its maaaaad! We’ve been cheerleaders, ballerinas, spinning tables and smashed glasses all over the studios, we appeared out of thin air, put a magician in a wooden box, set it on fire and crushed it to pieces with a 4×4 jeep! We have been dressed in barbie doll outfits, feather headdresses, been to bankok (in mumbai)…. so many things sooo much madness…🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘

Posted: Tue 15th of September, 2015

Racing the sun

Being in India again really has been amazing and, again, ill be walking away with so many stories…. Having been away for the best part of a year now I am missing home…. much more now than ever, but i still love the road I walk along…. the newness… the adventure… the madness!

Posted: Sun 13th of September, 2015


Posted: Wed 9th of September, 2015